Mahalo Nui Molokai!

Molokai's community came together to make and donate lei on Saturday, June 28th for the Lei Hali'a O Kalaupapa project.  Four hundred lei were collected for Monday's lei placing ceremony!  Molokai no ka 'oi!!  And we are also very grateful to Makani Kai Air for taking all these lei down to Kalaupapa for us -- mahalo nui loa! 

Mahalo Hawai'i Island, Maui, & O'ahu

Individuals, school & church groups, and Hui Mālama Makanalua members all came together to make over 1000 tī leaf lei for our Lei Hali'a O Kalauapa [lei in remembrance of Kalaupapa] project this past week!  Lei were frozen before shipping to protect against the spread of any  invasive species to the Makanalua peninsula, and have now arrived in Kalaupapa.  These lei will be placed on burial sites throughout the peninsula for the remembrance ceremony on Monday, June 30th.  Mahalo nui Hawai'i Island, Maui, & O'ahu folks for your many meaningful contributions!

Another lei-making gathering in Hilo TUES June 24th

Hui members (and family & friends) are gathering in Hilo once again, Tuesday, June 24th 4pm - 9pm, to make more lei!  We will be meeting at the Kīpuka lānai (behind the library) and everyone is welcome -- come for a little, come for a lot; drop off lei; drop of tī leaves for making lei; whatever you can do, we appreciate your support as we strive to meet our goal (1200 lei) for Kalaupapa!

Family & Friends gathering to make lei Sunday, JUNE 22nd

This coming Sunday, June 22nd, Hui Mālama Makanalua, family, and friends will be gathering at UH-Hilo to make tī leaf lei for the kūpuna of Kalaupapa.  All are welcome to join us and participate in lei making.  We will be meeting at the Kīpuka lanai area on the UH-Hilo campus from 1-6pm.  Bring tī leaves if can.  Already made lei can also be dropped-off during this time.   Join us if you can! 

Dedicate a Lei of Remembrance

The giving of lei denotes love, respect, reverence, and honor for the one receiving it. As we give lei for the kūpuna of Kalaupapa, we hope to honor the significance of their lives, their experiences, and their sacrifices. Whether your interaction with the kūpuna of Kalaupapa has been through personal experience or through the sharing of mo'olelo (stories, histories), we invite you to dedicate a lei to honor their life and memories, here on our face-book page.

Show your support for Lei Haliʻa O Kalaupapa

On June 30th, members of Hui Mālama Makanalua will be placing lei on every known burial site on the Kalaupapa peninsula--to honor all who were once sent to live in isolation because of Hansen's disease. Show your support for Lei Hali'a O Kalaupapa by purchasing a commemorative t-shirt and become a member of Hui Mālama Makanalua! Proceeds will help to defray lei shipping costs.

Click here to order your t-shirt today!

The significance of June 30, 2014

This year – June 30th 2014 – marks the 45th anniversary of the ending of the law that "quarantined" those with Hansen's disease (leprosy) on the Makanalua peninsula (commonly known as Kalaupapa).  In an effort to observe this anniversary and honor those who were subject to the public health policy, Hui Mālama Makanalua will be placing lei at every known burial site on the peninsula with their project Lei Hali'a O Kalaupapa [lei in remembrance of Kalaupapa].